Our Experts


Cassandra Fenyk, Chief Revenge Strategist

Cassandra Fenyk, Chief Revenge Strategist, is a highly creative, accomplished fitness trainer, nutritionist, and life coach. She is a also a business-savvy marketing and communications professional with extensive experience in developing, managing, and implementing highly successful business plans and supporting entrepreneurs in launching and growing their own highly successful businesses.
After years of being told to accept when bad things happen and just move on, she realized that this was extremely dangerous advice. Every time one accepts something bad, a little bit of confidence is crushed. After years of confidence, and more specifically, soul-crushing hits, she realized that she wanted to get revenge.
Realizing that the real definition of the desire to seek revenge is anchored in the loss of control that she experienced every time something bad happened, she knew that the first and best response is to find a way to regain control. The fastest and simplest way to do this was to get healthy and fit. She started to train for a body building competition and after realizing how impactful that experience was on her mindset and confidence, she knew she needed to share what she learned.


Ro Little, Chief Fitness Trainer

Almost 10 years ago, Ro fell in love with fitness. As a previously overweight and unhealthy web designer who just sat at her computer all day, she heard the news that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. She stepped away from the computer and started to get active. She got hooked – and never looked back!
Today Ro is completely obsessed with all things relating to fitness and nutrition. Her passion is sharing her excitement and enthusiasm for living a fit life with others.
As a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, associate pro-trainer and nutrition coach, Ro is on a mission to help empower, motivate and support others take care of their physical and mental wellbeing. Ro wants to help everyone build healthy relationships with their bodies, fitness and food in order to create lasting results while truly enjoying the process of getting fit and healthy.